ATV winches are a must have for any quad enthusiast. As an experienced off-roader you’ll relate to the experience of being stuck in a mud-hole or a potentially precarious situation – and using an ATV winch is the only way to get “unstuck.” With a front-mount or back mount ATV winch, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck again. Our high performance in line speed winches pack a powerful punch in a compact size for your ATV or UTV. Our ATV winch options include model E3000 which has a rated line pull of 3000 lbs and model E4000 which has a rated line pull of 4000 lbs. They feature: • Differential Planetary Gearing • Free spooling • Dynamic Break Action Differential planetary gearing. Freespooling Dynamic break action The ATV and UTV winches utilize a powerful 12 V DC motor for reliable, safe and effective recovery. Explore our ATV winch options below.

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Model U3000 Model E3000 Model E4000
Model U3000

USD$ 67.50

USD$ 90.00

Item is available.

Model E3000

USD$ 125.00

USD$ 214.27

Item is available.

Model E4000

USD$ 299.99

USD$ 357.12

Item is not available at this time. Can be Preordered.

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Showing 1-3 of 3 results