Light Bar Multi-Mount for Jeep JK(07-13)

#64-00001 - Item is available.

USD$ 285.00



The Engo Light bar Multi-Mount for the Jeep JK(07-13) is MADE IN
THE USA and allows you to run multiple light bars on your JK
including dually style and many other style lights on the lower
windshield position. It is designed to accept a 20"-50" light bar
in the forward mount position(this places the light bar even
with the top of the windshield frame) and a 20"-50" light bar in the
top position(above your windshield frame). This gives you 4
positions total all included on one mount making this the most
versatile mount on the market today.

Mount a 20"-50" light bar on top(above the windshield) or in front
(parallel with the windshield) or in both locations!!
The Multi-Mount is made of 3/16 steel and comes with a
black poly rhino finish.